Golden Autumn Days

“All tautumn1hose golden autumn days the sky was full of wings. Wings beating low over the blue water of Silver Lake, wings beating high in the blue air far above it , bearing them all away to the green fields in the South.”-Laura Ingalls Wilder

Berry good fruit!

More Native Plants You Can Eat

elderberriesElderberries: Native throughout much of the United States and Canada, they are pollinator magnets. The flowers eventually sprout into clusters of small red or dark purple berries that are gobbled up by birds and mammals. Though inedible to us when raw, cooked elderberries make a tangy pie, wine or jelly.


Wwild-grapesild Grapes: Few native fruits rival the wildlife value of wild grapes, which not only provide food but also nesting places for many birds in their tangled vines. Native to every contiguous U.S. state and from Nova Scotia west to Manitoba in Canada, wild grapes typically are smaller but much more flavorful than cultivated varieties. Two prized species are the northern fox grape, source of the famous Concord variety, and the scuppernong, a native of the South that can survive scorching temperatures and produce as much as 30 pounds of fruit yearly. The rampant vines can smother trees, so grow them on an arbor.


Terrax, the Crystal Planet, is an exacting world…

crystal planetDiane Tegarden’s wildest release “Anti-Vigilante and The Rips in Time” is a science fiction novel set in the distant future with its hooks deep into renewable energy, which changes the face of the planet.

“Terrax, the Crystal Planet, is an exacting world. A place where human physical contact is impossible and stepping outside is virtual suicide. The atmosphere is a hurricane of Coriolis winds and deadly scattershowers, composed of toxic metals formed into whip-like threads kilometers long. Immense Ocean Domes cover over the toxic sludge where the oceans used to be, and the surface of Terrax is covered in crystalline structures, called the Hives, where only the upper crust lives. No one can survive the raw elements; all must reside inside buildings, vicariously living through virtual reality programming.” logo “Anti-Vigilante and The Rips in Time” is available on at:

the poetry of LIFE!


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To the Dance of Life!

Pass me the metelaf please

lasagna1Some food tastes better the second day you serve it, like left-over lasagna. This got me thinking about the phrase left-over, I wondered how long it’s been in use. According to the Online Etymology Dictionary (yes, there is such a thing!):


left-overs1Leftover or left-over is an adjective meaning: “remaining, not used up,” originating around 1890, from left + over. The noun meaning “something left over” is from 1891; leftovers “excess food after a meal” (especially if re-served later) is from 1878; in this sense Old English had metelaf.


ort-almost-empty-plateBONUS WORD: The word “ort”, meaning a small scrap of food left after a meal is completed, is not commonly heard in conversation, but is frequently encountered in crossword puzzles.