Almost snuffed out by speeding driver…

Tuesday I had lunch at the New Delhi Restaurant in Pasadena, met a new friend, had great food, an uplifting convo and was full of happy energy by the end of lunch. After lunch I wanted to go check out a new foot massager I’d heard about and didn’t know exactly where the store was, but had vague directions, so went off in search of the store location.

Driving cautiously westbound along Union Street, I was slowing down to turn left and saw a car speeding through the intersection against the red light. I slammed on my brakes, my car skidding to the left in the effort to stop, as the white sedan crossed right in front of me. I stopped a scant few inches away from its side as it flashed by.

My heart was thudding so hard against my breastbone that it hurt to breathe. Thank Goddess there wasn’t a car behind me, or it would have smashed into the back of my car pushing me right into the sedan’s pathway.

Without consciously thinking about it I started repeating “thank you Goddess, thank you Goddess” over and over again. I decided to go straight home, not wanting to brave more traffic and crazies for the moment.

I guess it just wasn’t my time to “clock out”, so to speak, because if I had been going a little bit faster, or if a car had been behind me and pushed me even a foot further into the path of that speeding car, I might have been seriously injured, if not killed outright.

Greet the day!!


6 thoughts on “Almost snuffed out by speeding driver…

  1. i think, after that experience, that your husband should give you a foot massage instead of buying a machine. i bet you nearly pushed the brake pedal through the floorboards! glad you’re OK!!!


  2. Ah Lady Di! Indeed The Goddess was holding you in her grace. I am very happy that you were neither snuffed nor a snuffer. When I read your story I immediately thought of Thomas Paine- these are the times that try men’s souls…

    Blessed Be!!!!!!


    1. My dearest Diane, I wholeheartedly encourage all the prayers, energy, light-sending and deity-love that can be managed to be sent my way. I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate your being a huge part of the Wordmeister group!
      Bright Blessings,
      Diane T. and furbabies


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