Adorable kitten playing with a remote controlled mouse…

Here’s my favorite animal video for the week. I wish I had one of these mice so Ivan could play with it!


8 thoughts on “Adorable kitten playing with a remote controlled mouse…

  1. I love it, Diane. I had a kitten years ago that looked almost exactly like that one. I had a wind-up toy dog that jumped and barked and was almost the same size as Boots. I wish we had video cameras back then.


  2. That was back in another lifetime – high school age. Actually he was the second Boots. He really didn’t have “boots” but since kitty #1 had white paws and white on his face and belly and we called him Boots, kitty #2 got the name by default. Both came to a rather sad end. Boots #1 left home for about a week and came back with what the vet called intestinal flu and he had to be put down. Boots #2 was found dead in the neighbor’s cellar stairway presumably poisoned. By then I wasn’t living at home – I was in residence in nursing school. I haven’t had a pet since.


  3. My mother told me I couldn’t have pets, but when the neighbor’s cat had kittens her grandson gave me one and I simply took him home. I wasn’t told to take him back. The only problem was his name – Skunky! I immediately changed it to Boots. I wasn’t going to have any pet named Skunky. Then when I decided I wanted another kitten, my mother actually drove me to the house where they had some free ones.


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