Scrying…a look into the future

If you’d really like to “see into the future”, try this method. You can do it at home and it doesn’t cost that much.

Have a quiet time and place set aside where you won’t be disturbed. Create a quiet, meditative environment. Set out a candle in the middle of a small table and compose yourself to relax (this may be the hardest part).

You can have on soft music, but hopefully it won’t have words, or your mind will start sending you thousand of annoying, distracting messages again.

Start with a few deep calming breaths, but not too many, the idea isn’t to become light headed, but clear headed.

Next, clear your mind of mundane thoughts and simply look at the candle flames, trying to quiet the incessant mental chatter. Once you can quiet your mind, just sit for a few minutes, allowing your mind to wander in a serene calm, and see what comes to your mind naturally.

This is a kind of meditation, part future seeing (scrying) and partly just to help you gather calm energy for the day ahead. If the candle technique doesn’t work at first, give it time to become part of your weekly routine and you may be surprised what eventually happens.

Alternately, you can use a bowl filled with water, or a mirror as the scrying surface.

Energetically, Diane Tegarden
“How to Escape a Bad Marriage-A Self Help Divorce Book for Women”;
“Light Through Shuttered Window”; “Anti-Vigilante and The Rips in Time” at,,


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