The saddest anniversary ever……

This Earth Day we celebrate the saddest anniversary ever…

“April 20th was the two year anniversary of the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon, an offshore drilling platform operated by BP. Eleven rig workers lost their lives in the initial explosion, which triggered a nearly four month-long oil spill that has been killing life in the Gulf Coast ever since.

Recent reports show that hundreds of dolphins have mysteriously died since approximately 172 million gallons of BP’s oil gushed into the Gulf. What little fish, lobster, shrimp, and crab remain to be caught are disturbingly deformed, many missing eyeballs and claws.

Spill victims living in and around Louisiana during the spill, most of them children, are still dealing with illness brought on by BP’s excessive use of a dispersant known as Corexit, which the EPA specifically forbade them to use during the clean up, but they continued spraying anyway.” -Article written by Beth Buczynski.

For the rest of the article, go to:


Ok, so what can we do to insure the future residents of this planet that we’re doing something to keep this from happening again?

Here are 5 tips to reduce our dependence on oil and gas:

1. The next time you go to buy another car, buy a hybrid car that uses less gas, or go whole hog and buy an EV (electric vehicle) that drastically reduces your consumption of gas.

2. Get involved with organizations that fight against the big oil interests, like: Natural Resources Defense Council at

3. Sign up with environmental watchdog groups, like at

4. At least once a week, take the bus, train, bike or walk to work. This will help the air quality, and your health as you get some exercise and time with the great outdoors.

5. Organize a carpool, so there will be fewer cars on the road.

If there other ways to reduce our oil/gas usage, please feel free to add them here!


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