Op-Ed: What I really miss…

What I really miss…

Of course, if we’re talking about going back in time, I would say “I really miss my vigor; the health and vitality I used to take for granted.”

But, if we’re talking about things I miss that have even a passing chance of coming back, one of those things would be…roomier parking spaces.

Yes, you heard me right!

You see, public parking lots used to have a small lane that was painted in between the cars, which would allow you to get out of your car without banging your car door into your neighbor’s car.

I guess some up-and-comer figured out that they could squeeze a few more parking spaces into a parking lot by omitting this extra space between the cars.

What that hot shot failed to forecast is that cars would become SUV/tank sized (now the car doors are bigger), while the populace of the US also increased in size (requiring more room to get out of those cars.)

What we have now is a veritable extravaganza of car door dings, scratches and body work that needs to be done after trying to exit our vehicles, leading to a proliferation of business for the auto body shops.

Not to mention more business for chiropractors as we have to become human pretzels just to get out of our cars!

All I can say to the guy who designed these new parking lots is…

“Thanks a lot, pal.”

What do YOU really miss???

Energetically, Diane Tegarden


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