Op-Ed: Drive Your Own Car Dammit!

Okay, it really makes me crazy when other people try to drive my car while I’m still driving it. I don’t mean lending my car to another driver, I mean, when other drivers (usually male) try to direct my driving while they are driving their own car!

Isn’t it enough that men have these huge trucks and cars so they can lord it over the rest of us? Why can’t they stick to bossing around their own girlfriend/wife/significant other? (And, I have no doubt that exactly how they treat them, like errant children or indentured servants.) And don’t get on your high horse thinking I’m sexist.

I’ve been driving for over 20 years, have a clean driving record, and haven’t had a ticket in 10 years. In all the time that I’ve been driving, I’ve never experienced a woman directing other drivers how to drive from inside her own car. But, I’ve often seen men waving at me to pass through an intersection, or trying to point me in the direction that they wish I would drive. As if I’m going to obey them like some dumb little kid!

It just drives me nuts. After all, if I’m in an accident and someone plows into me because I crossed an intersection before I knew it was safe, I would be responsible. My insurance company would hold me liable for the accident, not the guy who was waving me on through the intersection. Just imagine trying to explain to your insurance company that you made a left turn, or crossed an intersection because some stranger was imperiously waving you through. They’d laugh you right out of their office, not to mention cancel your insurance policy.

So be advised, Mr. Frustrated Traffic Cop, if you are trying to direct traffic from inside your car and some lady is pointedly ignoring you, go ahead and take your own darn turn. Drive your own car, because I’m not about to let you drive mine while I’m responsible to make my own decisions.


5 thoughts on “Op-Ed: Drive Your Own Car Dammit!

  1. As bad as that scenario is, having an irritating and distracting human GPS seated beside you is a thousand times worse. I remember going to New York several years ago and like always no matter how early we left I always arrived during the evening rush hour. The direction giving irritating male person in the van made me want to drive off the George Washington Bridge. I finally gave jim two options – get out of the van and find your own way back to Cleveland or shut up and let ME drive already!!!!!!! There is nothing more distracting and angering than talkative human mapazoids!!!


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