Computer bugs…a Public Service Announcement (PSA)

Here is a public service announcement:

Recently my computer was infected with a vicious virus (SVHOST.stealth.keylogger).  I could tell something was wrong when an ad for Protection Spyware IE Monster came up on my screen and I could not access any program unless I “purchased the software”.  The message claimed that the infection caused my credit cards and financial information to be transmitted to a hacker. It seemed to me that the Protection Spyware IE Monster software was the infection and immediately called my computer genius buddy, Felix Robles.

Felix said I was right, that the bug was the Protection Spyware IE Monster software, and this is what I had to do to get rid of it:

Power down computer.
Start up computer again and QUICKLY hit the F8 button, which takes you to a black and white computer screen.
Choose the “safe mode” which will allow you to access your computer screen without that irritating software ad coming up and blocking your access.
Next, use your Spyware Terminator software to clean up the infection. Also, run any other software you have for cleaning out viruses.
Then shut down the computer and start it up again in regular mode.I had to do this twice before the darn bug was out, but my computer is OK now, and my credit information is still safe!

Blessed Beeeeeees,
Diane T. and furfamily


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