Elementals#1- original poem by Diane Tegarden

Monday morning poem by Diane Tegarden….


I am heavy and slumbering,
depths still unknown.
My movement is constant,
changing the globe.

I cover the planet with thunderous noise,
my storms shake down cities,
soaking the cement spires.

When a river,
I hurl trees to destruction.
I toss down boulders,
swift is my current.

As the ocean,
I can be mirror still.
Ships may be calmed,
soundless and smooth am I.

Tides and currents
washing down the bones of the world,
offer pools of cool relief
on the hottest days.

I am filled with life,
all shapes and sizes.
I am eternal.

I am water.

from my book “Light Through Shuttered Window” which can be found at: http://www.firewalkerpublications.com



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