Have a Hopi Holiday!!!!!!!!!!!

Have A Hopi Holiday!

sunburst-exIt is true, much time has passed,
a year has flown away.
The season changes colors,
with red, greens and gold,
the festival of lights hold sway.

peopleoftheworldYuletide is upon us, time to think of friends,
to be thankful for all of
our lucky happenstance.
To remember good times
in grateful abundance.

eastern qtrI wish you all a Heartfelt Holiday,
no matter what you are calling it,
Be it a Holy Hanukkah,
a Spiritual Soyal,

Christmas tree#2 12-25-11a Captivating Christmas,
a Kickin’ Kwanzaa, or
the most wondrous
Winter Solstice!


clouds in blue sky with sunIf you live in Australia,
it’s summer solstice,
the longest day of the year.
If you live in the northern climes
the night is longest here.


earthBut no matter where you are,

All I could wish for you
and a larger worldwide view!

By Diane Tegarden (c) 2007


One thought on “Have a Hopi Holiday!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. This is a POWER-full solstice chart with the SUN conjunct PLUTO. Yes Pluto is still considered to be extremely important to astrologers as it rules the soul, resurrection, transformation, death and rebirth, wealth, the unconscious and the shadow.


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