GOOD NEWS about JOBS and the environment

RIVER-exOne of the biggest worldwide problems in the environment today is the scarcity of clean water supply, something that affects every living being on this planet. The good news is that the Water for Jobs website reports that an investment of 1 billion dollars will create 28,500 sustainable jobs per year and rebuild our water infrastructure. For more info on this exciting development, go to:


2 thoughts on “GOOD NEWS about JOBS and the environment

  1. Dianne, improvements in water infrastructure are a good first step, but little is being done about water remediation and reuse. Our nations’ aquifers that do not refill are being used up at ever faster rates each year, forcing deeper and deeper wells to be dug.Our glaciers are retreating and at some point, they will cease being a source of fresh water. The focus needs to be on water reuse over and over vs. use once, run through a treatment plant and let drain away to the rivers. This is vital to our children’s futures. That is why I’d dedicated the rest of my life to aquatic species such as duckweed to effectively remediate wastewater, produce a valuable high protein crop AND cleanse water for reuse over and over. Plus, duckweed is also a very cheap solution to the growing nitrate issues in ground water. Let a portion of those billions go for SAVING our fresh water supply in addition to job creation to shore up existing infrastructure.


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