Not My Day to Die…….by Diane Tegarden

Not My Day to Die
By Diane Tegarden

It’s not my day to die today,
I’ll tell you how I know,
I went to post a letter
so I crossed the street real slow.

I looked both ways for traffic
making sure they could see me,
I felt safe as I noticed
a lady in her great big SUV.

She had on her turn signal
and her foot was on the brake,
she was looking in her lap
to busy for trouble to make.

So I started to cross the sidewalk
making sure she didn’t move,
when suddenly without warning
into the crosswalk her car drove!

I yelled and held my hands up,
admonishing her to stop,
luckily, she hit the brakes
as across the street I hopped.

I could see the other drivers
shaking their heads in doubt,
one stopped to see if I was OK,
and I told her “I’ve no need to pout”.

The accident was averted
there’s no need to cry,
I’ll live another day
because it’s not my day to die!

Author’s notes: This just happened last Wednesday and it made such an impression on me that I sat down and wrote a poem about it. It didn’t upset me or anything, I just realized that when you’re meant to die, you’ll die, until then, all manner of nonsense can happen to you, but you’ll survive!


4 thoughts on “Not My Day to Die…….by Diane Tegarden

    1. Dear Rev Matt, the philosophy isn’t anti-religious at all, it’s more of an acceptance that if you’re meant to die, you will, and if it’s not your time, you won’t. Know what I mean?


  1. What a wonderful poem. OMG! How scary! You are right, it was not your day to die, but rather to be inspired. On a personal note, I am not ready to lose you!! Hugs!


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