Writer’s Tip: How To Write a Short Book in a Year!

How to Write a Short Book in One Year
In order to write a book, you must write consistently. Choose one day a week when you know you’ll have the time to write and write at least 2 pages (more is OK, but start with at least 2 type written pages.) Later on you can expand this to more days per week, but start with one day and make it a consistent habit.

Figure out if your best writing time is in the morning, afternoon or evening and set aside a space to write in. You can write with a notepad, in a journal, on the computer, on a typewriter, whichever method feels the most comfortable for you.

Pick a subject that you are passionate about, it’s easier to write about something you care about.

After you have your two pages, throw them into a file, don’t look at them again, or try to edit them, just start collecting the pages.

After three months, take out the pages and put them in a sensible order, then go through and print them out double spaced so you can do an initial editing job on them. Check them for spelling, punctuation, grammar, fact check them and then make those corrections to your writing. Fill in the information and transitions from one chapter to another.

If you have not already done so, create a story board or an outline of the chapters and subjects you’d like to cover in the book and reorganize the chapters so they make sense.

Continue to write in this manner and in a year you’ll have a 104 page manuscript.

I hope this helps!!!

BudgetingOnADime_eBookCover_amazonBTW, I wrote my latest book about Budgeting with this method, only I increased the number of writing days to four per week, so the manuscript would be done in 8 months, then spent 6 weeks at my editor’s desk (with suggestions and corrections flying back and forth until we got it right and tight.) Then another 2 weeks at my book designer’s (for the interior and exterior design), so that the book was completed by November and in the stores for Christmas!


3 thoughts on “Writer’s Tip: How To Write a Short Book in a Year!

  1. I love books. My late father Donald, who taught Wordsworth and Melville to inner-city kids for decades, used to read Ulysses to me while he carried me on his shoulders. Perhaps it was inevitable that I grew up to be a writer. Now, after years of investigative reporting for Wired and other magazines, I’m finally writing a book of my own.


  2. A couple of weeks ago we asked our readers to share their writing tips. The response was far beyond the initial expectations, and the quality of the tips included was amazing. Thanks for everyone who contributed.


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