Writer’s Tip for the Day……..reward yourself!

stack of books and inkwellThere are many tasks involved in professional writing: the creation of the written word, editing your work, researching the subject, rewriting, producing the final piece and promoting it.

Not all of the tasks are going to be fun, or your favorite part, so in order to get through them all, here’s a little mind trick I employ.

IMG_0815Make a list of your tasks, then put them in the order that makes the most sense to you. After the first task is finished, do something that you enjoy (whether it be reading, researching for a new article, playing a brief online game, talking to friends, etc.) but set a timer for 15 minutes. Then go on to your next task and repeat the short break afterward.

Your mind will become accustomed to the reward and look forward to the completion of each task as your day progresses.

Di at Cafe Culture2In this way, you will teach yourself that even though you don’t enjoy a particular part of your work, you will be rewarded for each part of your task. If you start to do this, you will fly through even the most onerous part of your day, knowing that there will be a bit of fun after you accomplish each task! Try it, try it I say!!! 😉


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