Phrase for the day…to make a “hash” of things

I’ve often wondered where the phrase…”to make a hash of things” originated.
Here is the skinny on it:

Russells veg omemette2-smallhash (noun)
1. A dish of chopped meat, potatoes, and sometimes vegetables, usually browned.


2. a. A jumble; a hodgepodge.
b. Informal- A mess: “made a hash” of the project.

3. A reworking or restatement of already familiar material.

transitive verb (hashed, hash·ing, hash·es)
1. To chop into pieces; mince.
2. Informal- To make a mess of; mangle.
3. Informal- To discuss carefully; review: hash over future plans; hash out a solution.

Idiom: settle (someone’s) hash
Slang for “to silence or subdue.”

Etymology-Variant of Middle English hache; from Old French, past participle of hacher, hachier, to chop up; from hache, ax, of Germanic origin; see hatchet.


One thought on “Phrase for the day…to make a “hash” of things

  1. To make a hash of something: (Informal) mess up, muddle, bungle, botch, cock up (Brit. slang), mishandle, mismanage, bodge (informal), make a pig’s ear of (informal), flub (U.S. slang). Used in a sentence: “The government made a total hash of things.”


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