31 Days presents…inventor of world’s first disposalble cell phone

cell phone2In November of 1999 Randice-Lisa “Randi” Altschul was issued a series of patents for the world’s first disposable cell phone. Trademarked the Phone-Card-Phone®, the device is the thickness of three credit cards and made from recycled paper products. This is a real cell phone (outgoing messages only) with 60 minutes of calling time and a hands free attachment.

Randi Altschul’s background is in toys and games. Her first invention was the Miami Vice Game, a cops against cocaine dealers game named after the “Miami Vice” television series. Altschul also invented: the famous Barbie’s 30th Birthday Game, a wearable stuffed toy that allowed a child to make the toy give hugs, and an interesting breakfast cereal.

Source: http://inventors.about.com/library/weekly/aa022801a.htm


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