31 Days presents…Margaret Lou-Vike, Nature Conservationist

islandFor Margaret Lou-Vike, a mother of five living in Kia Village in Solomon Islands, the nearby forest of Barora Faa plays host to a vivid set of memories. But it’s not just a pretty place: Barora Faa is essential to Kia’s continued existence. “Our lives are from Barora Faa,” Margaret says. “We live on Barora Faa; we depend on Barora Faa.

Many Kia residents tend gardens in Barora Faa, where they grow the crops — swamp taros, cassavas, potatoes, coconuts and betel nuts — that end up on their dinner plates. It’s a sustainable lifestyle — but one that might not last much longer.

Source: http://www.nature.org/ourinitiatives/regions/asiaandthepacific/solomonislands/index.htm


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