To accomplish real change, use a nicer approach….

Diane fit and feisty at 52I’d like to share this with all the people who love to complain about FaceBook, but really, have no idea how to effectively create change (complaining rarely effects change, it just creates bad feelings.)

I noticed that recently in the Notes section, a feature which I use quite a bit, the order of my personal Notes was changed from newest first to oldest first. Since there are quite a few notes I use over and over again, this was very inconvenient for me, so I went to the FB help section and simply asked how I could restore the order of my Notes so I could access the newest Notes.

Voila, like magic, my Notes section has been restored to it’s former order, which makes it so much easier for me to use! Most people would have complained bitterly about their problem, called FB a bunch of dirty names, then complained more when nothing changed.

I ask you, which would you prefer: attaining constructive changes without making enemies and insulting your hosts, or do you just want to endlessly belly ache?

I’d like to add: for those of you who constantly COMPLAIN about the ads on FB….how much more would you be COMPLAINING if they decided to charge us for their services? If you had to pay for using FB, there wouldn’t be ads. Business is business and you can’t run a business on hoping and dreaming, it takes money. SO quit your bellyaching about the ads before FB decides to charge us for being here!!!!!

OK, I’m done now, climbing down from my soapbox. 🙂
PS. NO, I don’t work for FB!


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