Mum’s the word…..

stack of books and inkwellI got up this morning and this is the first word that popped into my head. Here it is in all its etymological glory!


Reticent (adjective)

1: inclined to be silent or uncommunicative in speech, reserved. Used in a sentence: “Her husband is by nature a reticent person, and she resigned herself to that fact long ago.”
2: restrained in expression, presentation, or appearance. Used in a sentence: ”The room has an aspect of reticent dignity.” — A. N. Whitehead
3: reluctant. Used in a sentence: “… his friends and associates are conspicuously reticent to discuss him in public.”-Martin Flanagan, Manchester Guardian Weekly, Dec. 29, 1991.

Etymology of RETICENT
Latin reticent- reticens, present participle of reticēre to keep silent, from re- + tacēre to be silent

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2 thoughts on “Mum’s the word…..

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