Toward a more egalitarian society…(part 2)

Over the years I have developed a very sensitive olfactory organ. I can smell the ever pervasive stench of insinuated superiority in even the most carefully crafted comments.

People who pride themselves on being “students” of a particular subject are merely letting me know that they have memorized a certain amount of information on a subject (as it is currently being taught), and can repeat back those thoughts and memorized “facts”.

Of course, if history proves anything, it is that accepted “truth” is in the mind of the reader who has memorized those facts, rather than researched the subject in depth.

Anyone can memorize a book, or repeat what they’ve been taught in school, but a true scholar challenges established norms, digs deeper for truth and comes to their own conclusions about a given subject. Some will even go on to create or discover new conclusions.

For example, the concept of egalitarian leadership within a group, which is pooh-poohed by those who want to keep a top down dynamic within groups, in order to someday aspire to fill that top position. Strong, confident individuals may choose this new dynamic of leadership, challenging the accepted “norms” and fashioning an original way of thinking or acting.

I have found that leadership can be effectively shared, without loss of ego, identity or individualism. Considering how the top down paradigm of leadership has utterly failed humankind, I think it should be considered a viable alternative.


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