Sprinkles….by Diane Tegarden


clouds3The drought has parched the land.
In every direction,
all I see is scorched earth,
dried out gardens,
wilting trees.


The Earth groans in her hot, dry misery,
praying for the rain to
rescue her children.
Humans, plants and animals
suffer from thirst.

clouds4-smallThis morning I awoke
to a pitter patter,
much needed and much missed.
It starts with a drop,
then a drip, then the gentle shower.

I watch the birds rejoicing,
see them playing and jumping
from leaf to leaf.
I hear the squirrels chittering,
happy for this unexpected blessing.

heart singingAnd I can feel my heart open,
as the sky pours forth abundance,
cool relief,
the sweet water
of LIFE.

By Diane Tegarden


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