Solar Power Rocks the US!

clouds3Good News on the progress of Solar Power from around the US
New York is fundamentally re-imagining its grid with distributed generation at the center. After a 5 year campaign, NY SUN, a $1 billion / 3 gigawatt solar program, was finally approved. The NY Public Service Commission is now leading an effort, called ‘Reforming the Energy Vision’ (REV) to restructure the utility business model to harness the benefits of DG.


sunburst-exGeorgia is defying the coal-state narrative by launching 900 MW of solar by 2016, all below avoided cost.

Massachusetts came close to a long-term policy compromise that would have completely removed net metering caps, but instead passed a bill that provided short-term relief and set up multiple study/workshop processes.

Vermont FlagVermont raised the state’s net metering cap from 4% of utility peak load to a whopping 15% … and did so with the support of the state’s utilities.

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