Break up with your Megabank!

It’s Green Grove Thursday and I’m passing on a message from an organization called Green America.
Divest from climate polluters and reinvest in clean energy in three major ways.

bags of money1. Break up with your megabank.
Megabanks continue to invest billions in coal and other fossil fuels, even after pledging to go carbon free. Green America’s Break Up With Your Megabank Campaign has all the resources you need to move your money to banks and credit unions that invest in local communities and green companies.

air pollution2. Take the Divest/Invest Pledge.
The Divest/Invest coalition is asking people to take their pledge to divest to demonstrate the growing numbers of individual investors who are saying no to fossil fuels in their portfolios.

peopleoftheworld3. Share this information widely.
Encourage family, friends, your house of worship, school, etc. to divest their money from fossil fuels as well. The faster the movement grows, the more pressure there will be on polluters.


Earth from space, ain't she beautiful?
Earth from space, ain’t she beautiful?

Together, we can send a message to multinational energy companies that pollution will not pay. Thank you for all you do to create a greener world.

Here’s a link to their website:


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