Cafe Culture, a cool family run coffeehouse

Café Culture is my regular hang-out when I’m on the east side of Pasadena. Sona and Raffi Hago (the owners and operators) have a way of making you feel at home while they serve up yummy sandwiches (my favorite is their fresh chicken salad sandwich with shredded carrots, raisins and cranberries for $7.95) and a myriad of other creations.

They offer a few authentic Armenian dishes, like the Ful, made with fava beans, garlic, lemon, cumin and olive oil, served with a side of fresh vegetables, olives, cheese and pita bread ($8.25). They also serve up soujouk (Armenian sausage with tomato, pickles, cheese and tomato slices) for $5.95.

For such an intimate restaurant, they have a large breakfast menu, a variety of sandwiches, salads, coffee, espresso, hot chocolate and mocha, as well as smoothies and Italian soda in bottles. You can enjoy their freshly made juices and sweets in a comfy atmosphere, complete with small tables and a few well padded chairs and sofa.

If you organize a Meet-up group, they welcome the smaller groups, as long as the organizers call ahead to schedule the day, and their members buy a drink while they chat inDi at Cafe Culture2-exam the friendly neighborhood environment.

They even let me do a book signing of my sci-fi book “Anti-Vigilante and the Rips in Time” there!

Café Culture is located at 1359 N. Alta Dena Drive, Pasadena, 91107. For their hours, call #626-398-8654 or visit the website at


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