Dare to disagree (politely, of course)

Op-Ed: Intelligent discussion is not an option on FaceBook.

I have some old “friends” on FB, no I mean REAL friends, people I have met and known for some time (at least I thought they were my friends.) Several times now I have made respectful comments in response to posts of theirs that I disagreed with, many times it was to other respondents (not the original poster, i.e. my “friend”) who had seemed to misinterpret the language or wording used in the post. Now, mind you, I did not call anyone names, nor did I insult their intelligence. I simply clarified the language of the post. And I thought I had the right to do that, FB being a free forum for the exchange of ideas.

Diane fit and feisty at 52Then comes the shocker, my “friend of many years” comes at me and corrects my comments, then, to add insult to injury they call me names! I am sorely disappointed, because I have always believed that the proof of real friendship is not in how well you agree with each other, but how politely and honestly you act when you disagree.

Today I have fewer friends than I did yesterday, and it is painful to know that they would rather be thought well of by a bunch of strangers, than by someone they have known for decades. Farewell faithless ones.


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