Good News about Wind Power and the Eiffel Tower

Nick Blitterswyk of UGE- head shotYears ago, when I hosted a Renewable Energy Talk Radio Show, I interviewed an up-and-coming wing energy group named UGE. Nick Blitterswyk explained how this new generation of wind turbine is safer for birds because their blades rotate in an egg beater motion, rather than the more conventional “pin wheel” style. In this way, they do not harm birds in flight.

UGE vert axis wind turbine2-examUGE has grown in leaps and bounds, and recently won a bid to power the Eiffel Tower in France. According to a recent UGE newsletter, “As part of a high-profile renovation and upgrade to the monument, the Eiffel Tower is now producing wind energy well above its second platform with two UGE turbines. This is a truly monumental project: Millions of visitors each year will see our turbines spinning when they visit the Paris landmark, returning home more familiar with distributed renewable energy technology.”

Click on the link to read more about UGE’s success:



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