Cuteness overload!

vincent 2013-1Tiny kitten loves to be tickled!


3 thoughts on “Cuteness overload!

    1. It’s true Diane, they have very short lives and one has to be ready for the heartbreak when they pass away. It’s hard, but I think it’d be harder for me to live without them! Hugs and more hugs my friend.


      1. One of the problems for me is that the young lady who lives with me is allergic to cats, so I couldn’t have one, any way. I have far too many places to lose a little kitty, too. My apartment is full. But I do love them. I’m getting to know my friend’s new kitties, or maybe I should say they are getting to know me and feel more comfortable around me. They are a brother and sister from a rescue place. And we have a lot of people in our building with dogs, so there are lots of them to pet and talk to.


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