31 Days of Notable Women- Sally Fox, creatrix of organic cotton

cotton growingIn the modern world, there is an unfortunate tendency to value profit over intellect. People may know a practice is harmful, but continue to do it anyway because it produces an in-demand product. Fortunately, there are inventors who work persistently to develop more responsible solutions. Sally Fox is one such individual.

Prior to Fox’s invention of Foxfibre cotton, naturally colored cotton could only be spun by hand – which was such a long and laborious process that businesses instead chose to take white cotton, bleach it, dye it and spin it on a machine. This produced the colored fabrics people wanted, but also created a lot of pollution through the bleaching and dying processes. Sadly, there weren’t really any viable alternatives available – that is, until Sally Fox came along in the late 1980s and revolutionized the industry

Source: http://www.women-inventors.com/Sally-Fox.asp


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