Goats get lonely too…

friendly goatsA lonely Goat


2 thoughts on “Goats get lonely too…

    1. Diane S., when we were kids, we’d go to Arizona to visit my relatives; my Nana, Aunties, cousins and various friends of the family. I’ve always loved animals, and near my Nana’s house there was a stable where they’d rent out burros to ride, for .50 cents per hour. Those burros didn’t like to leave their cosy stable and hay bales, and wouldn’t move very far or very fast, so my cousins would pick up a stick off the ground and hit them until they’d take one hesitant step at a time. I didn’t want to hit them, and figured out a better way to get them moving. I asked Nana for the money to buy one of those little boxes of sugar cubes, and then I’d throw a cube as far as I could. The burro would run over to eat the sugar cube, then I’d throw the next one. Of course, once you turned them around heading for home they needed no encouragement and ran all the way! Thanks for sharing this memory with me.


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