Waves of energy

islandDid you ever think about where islands get their electricity?
If they have to use gas or oil to run engines that create electricity, it’s costly, inefficient and pollutes the air. Other resources are solar power, tidal turbines off the coast, or WEC (wave energy conversion).

Indonesian flagThe June 25th edition of Renewable Energy Magazine just ran in interesting article on Indonesia’s move to use wave energy conversion.

“The Indonesian archipelago is facing extensive challenges with its complex power network and the deployment of Bombora Wave Power’s WEC would greatly improve access to electrical power for Indonesian citizens. The country’s present wave energy resource level is somewhat less than that currently available to other countries and the WEC is very attractive to the Indonesian market, on account of its ability to collect wave energy from a wide wave front.

The WEC’s flexible membrane and simple valving, squeezes air through a closed circuit and extracts energy with an air turbine to generate electricity.”

For more on this fascinating renewable energy resource, see: http://www.renewableenergymagazine.com/article/bombora-wave-power-to-supply-wave-power-20150622


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