I HATE fireworks!

Ugh, doFireworksn’t get me started on fireworks. We live in a fireworks frenzied neighborhood, and the madness starts at least two weeks before the 4th (although fireworks are illegal in Pasadena). People can still buy them legally in towns all around us so it’s very easy for the warmongers to get ahold of them. “Warmongers” may seem like a strong word, until you read your history and understand that fireworks represent bombs going off in the war of independence. Am I Un-American for saying this? No, it just means that I can read, and can comprehend what I’ve read.

4th of July fireworksWe live 5 minutes away from the Rose Bowl, and can hear them testing their fireworks for several days before the show, and our neighborhood, in an orgasmic display of warmongering, I mean, patriotism, set the darn things off for weeks before the 4th. Then the glorious day comes and the idiots start at about 4 in the afternoon, and keep blowing them up until well after midnight. Add to the cacophony the dogs barking in sheer terror, and the kids crying and you are starting to get the picture. When I called the police at 1 am Sunday morning to come handle the crowd of happy drunks on the street behind us who were still blowing off their patriotic energy, the dispatcher curtly informed me they had 40 calls ahead of mine and they’d “get to it when they got to it”.

american flagThis morning I awake to an eerily quiet street, the birds have been blown out of their trees by the noise, the dogs are exhausted from hours of sustained terror, and thankfully, everyone is out of fireworks to blow off.

Add to these objections the fact that fireworks are exceptionally polluting to the air, land and water, dispersing poisonous perchlorate and other substances into the air, and you have the trifecta of what I dislike most (pollution, loud noise and warlike behavior). Does my opinion make me Un-American? Absolutely not. By law, I have the right to dislike war, and mock war, to enjoy my peaceable life and love of Nature, and to express my opinions on it BECAUSE I am an American!


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