Meet Sweet Freddie

Freddie- July_19_2015This is our new furbaby, a 2 year old male, orange and white kitty that Wade has named Freddie. (Don’t ask me where Wade got that name, but it was his turn to bestow a name, and that’s what he chose!)


vincent 2013-1Freddie’s going to be a great brother for our VERY active 2 year old tabby, Vincent. Vincent won’t leave our frail old lady cat (Tootsie) alone and he keeps trying to rough-house with her.


We recently Little and Vincent together- June 2015lost our 17 year old cat, Little Bit, and Vincent is seriously mourning him. When we try to separate Vincent and Tootsie, he’d look so forlorn and alone, I knew it was time to adopt another kitty into our furfamily.


4 thoughts on “Meet Sweet Freddie

    1. You know it kiddo. Already I’m introducing my other 2 year old, Vincent, to Freddie…he hates him! But luckily my Calico (Tootsie Roll Pop) doesn’t seem to mind him too much, which should make life livable. Best of luck with your book, Hugs, Diane T


      1. Maybe Vincent will learn eventually to love Freddie. Let’s hope so.

        I’m rather stalled again with my book. There are a couple of technical things I don’t know how to accomplish, and people who seemed ready to help have done nothing. And my “proofreader’ is exceptionally busy right now with church business and getting ready for her youngest daughter’s wedding on Aug. 1. So here I sit once more. I suppose one day it will happen. At least I hope so. I had wanted it published by the end of May. Oh, well…! πŸ™‚


      2. Diane, and so it goes in the life of a writer, there are more things than simple “writer’s block” that keeps us from finishing our books. Patience may be a virtue, but for writers it’s more like “a necessary evil”!!! Sending you soothing vibes, Hugs, Di


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