Looking for a book cover designer

Ho to Do it Yourself book coverThis is a shout out to writers, writers groups and writers resources: I’ve lost my only cartoonist/book cover creator, she’s doing something else now. Do you happen to know of a good cartoonist/book cover art designer? I’m looking for a different cover for my latest e-book “How To DO it Yourself…A-Z”.

What I need are two sketches:
the first should depict a burglar climbing out of a home’s window (on the first floor) carrying a small TV set or computer. The caption shown above the sketch should read “How to Avoid Being Burglarized”.

the second one is of a person typing on their computer, the caption above the sketch should read “How to Zest up Your Blog”.

Both sketches should be in bold dark lines so that they reproduce well for a book cover, and both should be somewhat cartoonish, if you know what I mean. Please email me at: rosefirewalker@aol.com, subject line: book cover design,
if you’re interested in working together. Thank you!


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