Paddymelons and Bandicoots…oh my!

Australia flagA friend of mine from, Lona, writes a weekly newsletter, and today’s letter offered up these two wondrous animal friends from Australia; paddymelons and bandicoots!

red paddymelon from AustraliaA paddymelon (pademelon) refers to any of several small Australian wallabies, especially of the genus Thylogale. The origin of pademelon (1820-1830) was from Dharuk (a Native Australian language), and later altered by folk etymology. Source:

bandicoot from AustraliaA bandicoot refers to a “group of about 20 species of small to medium-sized, terrestrial marsupial omnivores in the order Peramelemorphia. They are endemic to the Australia–New Guinea region.” The word is adopted from the Telugu language, from the word “pandi kokku”. Source:



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