Beware…the superbugs are coming

cowsSubway has committed to eliminating antibiotic use in all its U.S. meat supplies!

The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) supports legislation that helps to protect our environment, and our citizens, against environmental toxins. Recently, after heading up a petition drive that garnered over 300,000 signatures, they pressured the world’s largest food chain (Subway) into changing their policy on the overuse of antibiotics on the cattle that they end up serving in their food.

The industry-wide overuse of antibiotics on livestock encourages the growth of drug-resistant superbugs that may spark the next global pandemic. Way to go, to the NRDC and its supporters, who are creating positive change to keep antibiotics out of our food supply.


2 thoughts on “Beware…the superbugs are coming

  1. Imagine that! All it took was 300,000 names. Considering we are a Country of MILLIONS, a mere 300K people have taken a step to insure a healthy food supply (if only from Subway). What if EVERYONE in America would register their desires for a GMO free, Antibiotic and Monsanto free foodstuff Country? Imagine……. our contribution to the health of a future humanity (and our family’s) would be insured!


    1. RS, how right you are, and that’s one of the reasons I wanted to share this good news with you. I belong to an online community called and they have tons of these petitions to sign, along with articles about healthy living and ways to solve so many of our worldwide problems. Although I like to “play around” on FaceBook, that’s really just a social website, whereas on you can actually help so many causes, effect change and inform yourself about the health and well being of the planet…every day! Hope to see you there!


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