People Are Strange- When You’re a Rat

rats2Op-Ed 9/25/15

This morning, as I was walking to my bank’s ATM machine, I saw, out of the corner of my eye, a little critter scurrying along.

I stopped to observe it more closely and discovered it was a small rat. I walked carefully along at a respectful distance, trying not to draw its attention. It was furry, had a hairless tail and small ears, and was by no means menacing or ugly. It ran quickly along the wall between some cement planters full of flowers, heading for a trash can, and made no movement toward me at all.

I examined my feelings, and can honestly say that I felt absolutely no fear or revulsion. I guess I don’t understand why people are so mortally afraid of a creature that is tiny compared to them, has little to defend itself with and basically stays out of sight as much as possible. I mean, this critter weighed maybe ½ pound, and was obviously trying to avoid any contact with humans.

I not only outweighed it by many times over, it was scared out of its wits and avoided any contact with me. As other people started to walk by its hiding place, I could see it standing absolutely still, trying not to be seen. It wasn’t a bit aggressive.

Now, if there had been a swarm of them teeming towards me, it might have been a different story. My instincts might have had me screaming and running away, but as it stood, I can honestly say that I can’t see how any THINKING adult could be scared of such a tiny, helpless creature.


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