Let me cut you a check…

bank checksThe other day I promised a vendor I would “cut him a check”, meaning, I’d pay him that day. Then I started wondering where the phrase “cut a check” came from. This is what I found out……..





paper cutting machine“Cutting a check is a reference to when the savings and loan banks, circa 1979-1983, received checks on huge sheets and the individual checks had to be cut along the lines by a machine. A check-cutting machine would stamp the amount onto the check and two carbon copies, and would simultaneously “cut” vertical lines while printing the amount onto the top copy. That made it impossible to alter the amount because of the cuts, or perforations in the check. Today checks are printed by laser printers, and no longer cut.”

Source: http://www.phrases.org.uk/bulletin_board/44/messages/714.html


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