What on Earth is a sonic inventory?

jet in a sonic boomTaking a sonic inventory

Our pets are affected by loud noise and sounds. How can you tell if your home environment is too loud? Take a sonic inventory of your home, here’s how:

Sit quietly for 30 minutes, pen and pad in hand, and listen….



tv with city in background
Tune in to the sounds you hear inside your home and outside on the street – the hum of the fridge, the cycle prompt of the dishwasher, the beat of a dryer, the alarm clock, hair dryer, vacuum, television, computer sounds, text alerts, traffic, car alarms, children playing, music, etc.

Westie-full grownNotice your pet’s behavior. Does s/he actively respond to the sounds? Note the reactions may be very subtle, such has just a raising of an eyebrow or ear twitch. When sounds from the stereo or TV are present, does s/he move closer or farther away from the sound source?

To read more, go to: http://www.care2.com/greenliving/5-surprising-ways-to-reduce-stress-in-your-pet-household.html#ixzz3yYNdUO49




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