Do you Like Me? I mean really, REALLY like me?

do it yourself symbol1On April 12th at 1:15pm PST I’ll be doing a fun interview with John P. of the “Please Finish Your Book” Talk Radio Show. It promises to be filled with good information, encouragement and tips on exactly how you can turn those dusty pages from your bottom desk drawer into a real book manuscript!


 Cover with Title FinalJohn has asked that I round up some friends to leave a brief taped testimonial of my book “How to DO it Yourself…A-Z” on his show page.  If you’d like a sample of my book so you can give it a good review, email me at and I’ll email you a sample to read.


telephoneIf you’d like to do me this vast favor, please call 929-329-2980 between 3/29 and 4/11/16, so he can run your testimonial to his show page. Remember, you can leave the message anytime…(24 hours day/7 days a week) but within 2 weeks of 4/12/16 to ensure that it gets into the show.

Thank you , merci, gracias, gracies, hvala, kiitos, danke, efharisto (that means “thank you” in many many languages!!)


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