Raccoon Medicine

raccoon in a treeAnimal encounters……5/22/16……  Early this morning (3am) my cats wanted to go outside, but when I opened the door, they hesitated as though they were scared of something out in the yard. Leaving them inside, I grabbed my flashlight and, looking around, found that a very large raccoon was in the yard. I decided to visit with the raccoon for a bit. I didn’t try to get near it, as they can be dangerous when approached too closely.

raccoon in a tree2I trained the light in the raccoon’s eyes and talked to it, telling it that I wasn’t going to hurt it, and that s/he was welcome to eat the avocados that had fallen off the avocado tree and have as much water as s/he wanted. I have bowls of water set out at the quarters of the circle and at the back door. I let her/him know s/he was welcome in the yard as long as s/he didn’t try to hurt my furbabies. When s/he left the yard after a good scavenge for food and water, I let the kitties out, knowing that they were now safe.

earthAnimal “medicine” is an ancient form of knowledge, wherein we can learn certain lessons from the animals that coexist in this world with us.


raccoons drinking at a fountainAccording to the Star Stuffs website the raccoon bring us the following lessons: dexterity, cleanliness, disguise, explorers, curious, secrecy helps the new transformations take place, balances curiosity with caution, be courageous and self-defensive when need to be, lends a sense of socializing and the ability to see the nature of illusions and masks. Raccoon will show you how to transform yourself and brings you awareness of how you act differently with the various people you encounter each day.

Source: http://www.starstuffs.com/animal_totems/dictionary_of_animals.html


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