a country bumpkin

hobo1Hobo….a word that I recently found in a dear friend’s email, has a rather muzzy origin. Vocabulary.com explains… “The end of the 19th century brought the use of the word hobo to the Western United States. No one is certain where the word came from, although there are some educated guesses.


country bumpkins- cartoonOne possible origin is the English word hawbuck, which means “country bumpkin,” while another is the common working man’s greeting or call during the building of the railroads in the West, ho, boy!”



drifter1The definition has a rather negative connotation, meaning…a bum, a tramp, a street person, a drifter, a vagabond or vagrant…basically all meaning a person who has no established residence, in other words, a homeless person.

Source: https://www.vocabulary.com/dictionary/hobo


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