A murder of crows

oak tree-exWe have a huge oak tree in our front yard, and it attracts all manner of birds in the area, which isn’t unusual. But the other day as I pulled into my driveway, I saw a large flock of crows eating the acorns on our front lawn.



crows-on-the-lawnThe birds were unafraid of me, and calmly watched me as I watched them, giving me the impression that they accepted my presence there. Many ancient people (from Europe to the Americas) have considered crow the keeper of sacred texts, secret knowledge and law.




worlds-in-spaceCrow medicine allows people to consciously be in two places at once, with the belief that there are billions of worlds and lives that each creature can live. Crow medicine allows one to speak the truth of right and wrong, to bring the world and its inhabitants into harmony and balance once again.



medicine-card-bookCrow people say what they think, speak their truth and see the past, present and future with integrity. From the book “Medicine Cards” by Jamie Sams and David Carson-http://jamiesamsbooks.com/medicinecards.cfm


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