Wednesday’s Book Talk- Nov 23, 2016

james-herriot1On Wednesdays let’s share a little bit about one book we’re reading. This will allow people to find and enjoy new authors, or to remember old favorites. You don’t have to write a full review if you don’t want to, but do let us know the name of the book, the author and a brief idea about what the book is about.

Huzzah the Bards!


james-herriot2Right now I am rereading a favorite series, the books by James Wight (pen name James Herriot), a veterinarian who practiced his skills in rural England beginning in 1940. The one I’m enjoying now is “All Things Wise and Wonderful”. His books are written in such a friendly style, you feel like you’re with an old friend swapping work stories in the local pub. He had such compassion for both animals and humans, it simply shines through his writing.

Try them, try them, I say!


4 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Book Talk- Nov 23, 2016

  1. I’m revisiting Lawrence Sanders. As a child, I read “The Tomorrow File” and, I realize now, how much of it went over my head.
    The novel describes a futuristic (dystopian?) society that, for want of a better phrase, is ruled by Technocrats. Whether that is true or not, Sanders painstakingly lays out the scientific underpinnings of nearly every aspect of life.

    The inventions seem both quaint (tape cassettes and film reels are given super-powers) and prescient (a drink called Smack, that sounds suspiciously like crack), but the attention to detail is as fun as I remember.

    This book is one of three novels available for the Kindle. I had a “Watch Author” in place for years, against the day his works finally became digitized, much like the records in his own novel were microfilmed.

    The other two novels are The Passion of Molly T. and Capital Crimes.

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      1. Happy Thanksgiving, Diane!

        If I remember correctly, The Tomorrow File was Sanders’ only foray into sci-fi. I just checked him out on Wikipedia: he write his first novel when he was 50!




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