I’m dreaming of a Green Christmas#1!!

merry-christmas-sign1There are lots of ways to enjoy the holidays without leaving a negative impact on our fragile environment. Here are ten fun tips on Greening your Christmas this year:



Buy a livchristmas-2013-2e tree that you can decorate this year, and then plant in your backyard with your kids, and watch it grow as they grow! We have a Norfolk Pine and another two pine trees in our yard that were originally Christmas trees. Each tree lasts about three years in its pot, so you can use it over and over again before planting it. Donate your live tree to an organization in your community that’s dedicated to planting trees, like the Arbor Day Society or the Boy/Girl Scouts.


christmas-tree-12-25-11Tip: If you do buy a cut tree, remember, the city can’t recycle them into compost if they have: flocking, tinsel “icicles” or Christmas ornaments still attached to them. Remove all decorations and get them on the curb in time to be recycled by your local waste department after Christmas.



baskets1Send your gifts in festively decorated baskets that can be wrapped in colored cellophane. This will save buying a mountain of wrapping paper that will become trash in an instant. The baskets can be reused again for gifts the next year!




xmas-cards-2007If you save Christmas cards like I do, you may not want to throw them away, and can’t figure out how to reuse them. Here’s a tip: you can tape them onto your gift boxes, creating colorful, original wrapped gifts, without using wrapping paper.



computerHave fun with the kids by using your computer’s printer/scanner/copier to make your own wrapping paper. Lay out your old Christmas cards in a fanciful arrangement and copy them, then use the sheets of homemade wrapping paper for the smaller gifts.


Add your own green Christmas tips here!


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