Welcome to the Humble Ant

ant2Occasionally ants come into my house to visit me, and I notice that they are very patient. If they are climbing out of a drain or sink and are washed down by the water, they simply start right back up. Even if they are washed down ten times, they try once more and get to the top on the 11th try.




Ant medicine is perseverance at its best. Ants are community minded and active, they work together as a group to bring food to the anthill, and to build their group home. They are patient and share the food they gather with the whole community, assured that there will be enough for all. These are the lessons of Ant.

Which animals have wandered into your life lately?


4 thoughts on “Welcome to the Humble Ant

  1. Interesting article, Diane. Ants are fascinating creatures, but I would much rather they build their nests and be fascinating somewhere other than my apartment and my kettle. 🙂 From time to time we get an influx in our apartment building of Pharaoh ants-very tiny and very numerous, (can be as many as 3000 in one nest)-and dealing with them is a real nuisance as they can nest just about any place that is warm including electrical outlets. Insect spray doesn’t work-they simply move their nest. And they can have several queens to a nest. They are much larger than the workers. Twice now I have found in the water in my kettle what looked like a crumb of cake soaked in water. But I have not had any cake. I emptied the water and discovered a ball of ants quite alive and well, and washed them down the drain. After a while you get a little paranoid as they are so small and, unfortunately, almost the color of my countertop. But then, they are much more “pleasant” than cockroaches-something I would rather never see again.

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      1. Anna, opossum has very good medicine! In the Native American lexicon, the word “medicine” can be loosely translated as “lessons” or “wisdom”. On Thursday I’ll post all about opossum and its medicine. Glad to see you here.

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