Opossum medicine…for Anna

opossum-mom-with-babiesOpossum’s special medicine is….strategy. Think about her talent in “playing dead”, although opossum has claws and teeth, she’d rather get out of a sticky situation by pretending she’s dead, and the predator walks away with no one the wiser.



If oposmedicine-card-booksum medicine has visited you recently, you are being reminded to use your wits, and be clever to achieve victory. Drama and surprise can be your weapons of choice, rather than putting up a fight.


What animals have visited you lately?


4 thoughts on “Opossum medicine…for Anna

    judy joy jones

    Tossing my eyelash curler into my backpack along with some watercolors, paintbrushes, swim suit and goggles, (ya never know when you might find a lap pool), I’m on the road once more!

    I am grateful I won’t have to put up a tent after hiking 20 miles like I did while writing articles for The Coronado Journal when I was on The Great Peace March for Nuclear Disarmament.

    In blizzards, rain, heat and snow; up went my tent. Amazing since my biggest adventure so far had been curling my lashes and going to shopping malls! My motto became, “forget peace, just help this woman get this tent up so she can sleep!”

    Even with 300 orphans, Father Antonio Norman at Santa Maria Orphanage always has an extra bed. After flying to Mexico City, jumping on the metro and taking two buses, 10 hours later I was on Father Norman’s doorstep and ever so grateful for his spare bed.

    After several massive heart attacks, Father is still taking care of 300 children, housing over thirty homeless elders, running a soup kitchen that feeds 1000 villagers weekly, plus is in the process of founding an aids home for orphans under eight years of age in Colon.

    Father Norman greeted me with a warm hug even though he didn’t know I was coming and hadn’t seen me eleven years. I smiled knowing my struggles to get to Santa Maria’s 300 children had not been in vain and felt selfish knowing I would be getting much more then I would ever be able to give on this journey.

    “What are your hearts desires?” Father asked me.

    Laughing I told him I wanted to paint. Immediately, Father Norman had someone to get me canvas and paints. And all this happened within one hour of my arrival. “Walking Your Talk” is this special priest’s motto.

    Santa Maria is located in a beautiful area of Mexico surrounded by hills and sparsely populated. The children are sometimes dumped on Fathers doorstep and the first thing he does is toss them in the shower, much to their dismay.

    Mexico has over twenty million homeless children and Father Clifford Norman’s kind heart is providing shelter for a few.

    As I snuggled into my nice warm bed that night, I thought about all the little ones sleeping on the streets. With people like this special priest, soon there will be no homeless children.

    Laughter and singing ring through Santa Maria’s hallways. Great suffering brings great joy and that these kiddo’s have in abundance! What they don’t have are enough adults to hug, touch and nurture them.

    Some children hop freight trains to Santa Maria to escape violent families and arrive at Santa Maria not even knowing their name. How many frightened children have found refuge in Fathers arms will never be known.

    Tomorrow I will attend mass with all the children, tonight I’ll paint.


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