Sangeetha’s Amazing Facts… for 01/01/17

Happy New Year ALL!


3 thoughts on “Sangeetha’s Amazing Facts… for 01/01/17

  1. The species ‘crabs’ are known to be seen in water, but some of them can be seen in trees mainly in islands of the South western Pacific ocean and the Indian ocean.

    They are found in trees mainly for food and to escape predators. The tips to their feet enable them to scale the rough tree trunks. These crabs are the relatives of the hermit crab and have no shells. The largest of these specimens weigh 5gms and have legs ranging to 3 m. These crabs are referred to as ‘robber’ crabs as they are known for stealing objects, and they are also known as ‘coconut’ crabs, but I don’t know why they are called like that.
    Anyway, these crabs climb on sago palms, to feed on the fruit, carrion and vegetation, and as mentioned before to escape from predators !!!!

    Wish everyone a Happy New Year !!!

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