my lizard ate my homework

salamander1Sorry about the late post, I’ve been very sick with a massive cold, and been away from the keyboard of life!

It’s a lizard…it’s a man…it’s a political trick…meet the gerrymander.



gerrymander-mapThe noun, gerrymander, as used in U.S. politics, means: “the dividing of a state, county, etc., into election districts so as to give one political party a majority in many districts while concentrating the voting strength of the other party into as few districts as possible. As a verb (used with object) it means: to subject (a state, county, etc.) to a gerrymander.”




salamander2The origin of the word is interesting; it was created in 1812, after E. Gerry (governor of Massachusetts, whose party redistricted the state in 1812) + (sala)mander, from the fancied resemblance of the map of Essex County, Mass., to this animal, after the redistricting.



5 thoughts on “my lizard ate my homework

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