Sangeetha’s Amazing Facts…1/8/17

woman-with-a-cold-cartoonSangeetha, sorry, I’ve been very ill with a cold and ear infection, that’s why I’m late opening up your thread.

Feel free to post at will!


2 thoughts on “Sangeetha’s Amazing Facts…1/8/17

  1. We in the modern times are definitely much more luckier than our ancestors in many ways and among them are medical care as know there are specialists in almost every field.
    But, our ancestors had only wise men who however could cure ailments like an upset tummy. In the Stone age, it was thought that evil spirits caused the illness. In fact, 8000 year old skulls have been discovered with holes in them. This suggests that doctors in those times even tried their hand at operations and cut holes in the skulls of patients, probably to let the evil spirits escape !!!! Oh, dear !!!!!!

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