A star is born…our very own Joy Judy Jones on TV

judy-joy-jones-in-hat-and-sunglassesThis is a Blue Cross commercial Joy was on that was shown on the TV show Good Morning America. She appears a couple of minutes into the clip. She’s talking about healthy aging, then gets up a walks to lemon tree.


About the clip, Joy says “Acting …I luv it….”.

Joy, you’re a natural!

One thought on “A star is born…our very own Joy Judy Jones on TV

  1. Here’s a note from my free-wheeling friend Joy:

    SUMMER OF LOVE FESTIVAL 50th YEAR REUNION! Golden Gate Park..Worlds largest festival!! JUNE 4TH 2017

    One of biggest Love festivals in World…Janis Joplin and Jimi Henderix became famous at the Monterey Festival Summer of Love and now 50 years later…we are all still luv beings making music, art and
    dance!! Janis Joplin and Jimi Henderix will be dancing with us from the Heavens for Artists!!

    My Painting of Janis Joplin on the cover of my Award Winning Spoken Word..which is
    Available on AMAZON an CDBABY






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